Learning Azure in 20 Minutes A Day

“If I can teach someone the technology, and they can learn the material, they will pass the exams.”

I’ve been saying that for 22 years now. At the rate I am going, I will probably be saying that for another 22. 

I’ve had a number of jobs in information technology since 1996 (informally, part time) and formally (full time).  Way too many to list here; it’s just easier to point you to my LinkedIn page (and feel free to follow me there too).

Throughout all that time of “doing the job” I was always doing something else – I was learning the next thing and showing someone else what I was studying or working on.

I also decided that I loved what I did so much that I would try, as best I could, to train and skill others. So, back in late 2001, some 19 odd years ago, I earned my Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification. 

​So it is with all of this, I’ve decided to get back to blogging a little, too.

I am going to start the site here and see where things take me, how things go, what time permits, how posts take off, and so forth.

For a long time I ran a blog over on BlogSpot but I let it go over the years. Now, it’s probably a good time to take a clean break from that too and leave it dormant.

I’ll have to see how things go here; I am, of course, running it on Azure in my own subscription and it’s not my intention to try to paywall or monetize the site. Having said that, I have four kids so I can’t spend a ton of money here either.

Because my current day job is “all Azure skilling, all the time” it would be my intention to make all my posts focused on that; I might dabble elsewhere in the certification realm (as I do have certifications that span other technologies too, but nothing like the ones at Microsoft.)

I’d like to see too if I can get some other partners in crime (other Azure Technical Trainers or other MCTs) to pitch in on some posts of their own… sort of inviting them along to put up their work as a guest author of some of their own content.

36 hours in a day and all…

So, for now, I re-launch the grand experiment (and no Trek fans… I am not talking about the NX-2000).

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